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Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

Welcome to the FAMU-FSU Chapter of Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). This is a group of students that are interested in transportation-related studies.

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the advancement of transportation engineering and studies. The goals of this organization shall be to foster the closer association of students with the transportation profession and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), to promote the development of professional spirit, and to identify and address common transportation interests among the student members.

The organization shall also aid our fellow students in learning more about the profession and finding jobs and internships while at the same time exposing its members to scholarship opportunities. We educate ourselves by attending professional seminars, conferences and organizing general body meetings.

All activities and functions of the ITE at FAMU-FSU shall be legal under University, local, state, and federal laws. The chapter shall abide to the rules and guidelines governing the Institute of Transportation Engineers national constitution.

ITE at FAMU-FSU encourages fellowship among student members and alumni.

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