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Sexual Misconduct

FAMU and FSU are committed to fostering a safe, productive learning environment. Title IX and school policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. Sexual misconduct – including harassment, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking – is also prohibited. The universities encourage anyone experiencing sexual misconduct to talk to someone about what happened, so they can get the support they need and the university can respond appropriately.

If you wish to speak confidentially about an incident of sexual misconduct, want more information about filing a report, or have questions about university policies and procedures, please contact the Title IX Coordinator; Carrie Gavin (850) 599-3076 http://www.famu.edu/about-famu/leadership/division-of-legal-affairs/equal-opportunity-programs-and-labor-relations/index.php or Mandy Hambleton (850) 644-6271 http://knowmore.fsu.edu/title-ix/title-ix-signed-statement/. The universities are legally obligated to investigate reports of sexual misconduct, and therefore it cannot guarantee the confidentiality of a report, but it will consider a request for confidentiality and respect it to the extent possible.

All responsible employees are required by the universities to report incidents of sexual misconduct and thus cannot guarantee confidentiality. Employees must provide the Title IX Coordinator with relevant details such as the names of those involved in the incident.

Confidential University Representatives are available to provide assistance and resources, without any obligation to report allegations of Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Director, designee, or any law enforcement agency. Confidential University Representatives include the following individuals when providing medical care, advice, and/or counseling when acting in their primary professional responsibility:

  1. Licensed university and medical, University Health Services
  2. Designated university paid and unpaid staff working under the supervision of a licensed medical or mental health provider
  3. University Victim Advocates
  4. Designated university paid and unpaid staff working under the supervision of the University Victim Advocate Program
  5. Pastoral counselors affiliated with the university
  6. Designated university paid and unpaid staff working under the supervision of pastoral counselors affiliated with the university