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Engineering Concepts Institute (ECI)


What is ECI?

The Engineering Concepts Institute (ECI) is an intensive six (6) week summer program of study for high school graduates who have applied and been accepted into the College of Engineering at either Florida A&M University or The Florida State University. Please note: The ECI Program is undergoing changes in Summer 2019. Please contact us if you're interested in attending.


What is the goal of ECI?

The ECI goal is to prepare high school graduates for successful completion of the pre-engineering program in a manner which will provide them with a solid foundation for the successful completion of an engineering degree program.


What are the benefits of ECI?

The benefits of Engineering Concepts Institute include: (1) a smooth transition from high school to college, (2) enhanced student success competencies and opportunities to network with engineering faculty, staff, and students, and (3) strengthen problem solving skills necessary for successful completion of the first year of college. We require FAMU students to continue in FAMU Engineering Living Learning Community during the academic year. Please make sure you apply before the deadline.


Where will ECI be held?

ECI activities will be held both on the main campus of FAMU and the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. Transportation will be provided for any off-campus field trips.


When will ECI be held?

ECI will begin on the last week of June and conclude on the first week of August.


What will it cost to attend ECI?

As a college student, each ECI Scholar must pay for their own books, tuition and fees, housing and meals. However, each student will be given a small summer stipend to offset some of these costs. The various costs for each university can be found below:


Required ECI class and participation

All ECI participants must enroll in the First Year Engineering Lab, EGN1004L, (1 credit hour) during Summer Term B (FAMU) or Summer Session C (FSU). The first day of FYEL class will start on the last week of June. This is a required pre-engineering course for all engineering majors. During the regular academic school year, the class can have up to 125 students. However during the summer, the FYEL class is between 10-25 students, which enables students to receive more one-on-one attention. All other classes or the course load should be determined by the student and their academic advisor. You are required to attend and participate in all scheduled ECI activities.

What should you bring to ECI?

Bring your creativity; you will work on innovative engineering projects.

Bring your discipline; you must adhere to all University rules and regulations.

You will need a laptop and a set of business casual clothes.

What type of clothes should I bring?

Dress casual for: regular classes, field trips and social activities – shorts, blue jeans and tennis shoes are acceptable.

Business casual or professional attire for special events: slacks, khakis, knee length skirts, button-down shirt, and polo shirt.

How to Apply

Please complete the ECI application, by April 24. Be sure to consolidate all your required documents into one ".pdf" file and upload the file "Last name_First name" to your ECI application.

Required Documents

  1. Copy of high school transcript (does not have to be the final or official transcript)
  2. One letter of recommendation
  3. One-page typed essay, "Why you are interested in engineering and your plans once you earn your engineering degree."

Deadline: April 24

ECI Application


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does ECI cost?
  • The final cost of your tuition and fees will depend on the amount of credit hours you decide to register for in the summer.
    • For example, an in-state FAMU student electing to only take the FYEL class, one (1) credit hour, would pay $151.78 in tuition plus fees. While a student taking FYEL and a History course, four (4) credit hours, would pay $607.12 in tuition plus fees. Each student will have to make a decision that works best for their personal situation.
    • We will provide you up to $500 summer stipend to offset some of your school cost, at the end of the summer once all requirements are met. You will be responsible for your own tuition and fees, housing and meals.
Question: How do I get financial aid for ECI?
  • Students that need financial aid should fill out last year FAFSA. This is different than the current FAFSA you may have filled out previously for fall semester. Please note: students receiving summer financial aid must register for at least six (6) credit hours.
Question: Can I use my scholarship at ECI?
  • Some scholarships do not allow you to use them in the summer terms. You must directly contact the university scholarship office/organization to determine your specific condition.
Question: What if I am out-of-state?
  • FAMU and FSU are public schools, tuition and fees will differ for in-state versus out-of-state students.
Question: Where will I live? When can I move in? Can I choose my roommate?
  • All FAMU ECI students are asked to apply for summer housing. All FAMU students will stay in the same dorm. Once you are selected for ECI you will be notified of the dorm.
  • FSU students can choose their living arrangements. Go to FSU's housing website to apply for summer on-campus housing.
Question: Do I have to buy a meal plan? Where can I buy one?
  • Residents of certain FAMU dorms are required to purchase a meal plan. You can apply for your meal plan online.
  • If an FSU student chooses to live in a dorm, they may be required to buy a meal plan depending on the dorm they choose, find out which dorms require meal plans. You can purchase your meal plan online
Question: Do I need to fill out additional forms if I originally intended to enroll in fall?
  • Absolutely, do not change your fall enrollment to summer enrollment until you know you have been accepted into the ECI program.
  • Yes, for FAMU students you must download the FAMU Undergraduate Change Term of Entry application from www.famu.edu/admissions under the “download forms” tab to request the summer term. You do not have to send in another transcript. There will be an additional application fee ($15 cashier’s check or money order payable to Florida A&M University). Please write your student ID number at the top of each page as well as on your method of payment.
  • FSU Students, you will have to speak directly to an officer of FSU's Registrar's Office to determine if you can change your admission term, they can be contacted at 850 644-1050.
  • Once you have completed this process, please wait for the change of term to be processed. At that point, you will be able to register for summer orientation and apply for summer housing.
Question: Do I have to go to both the ECI and my university orientation? When is each orientation?
  • Yes, you must attend both your respective university orientation and the ECI orientation.
    • You will receive different information at each orientation.
      • FAMU's orientation for Summer B students will be held in June.
      • FSU students, you must log on to the FSU portal, my.fsu.edu, and register for orientation.
Question: Can I jump ahead in my math assessment? What if I have math credit from high school?
  • FAMU students, on the second day of orientation, you will take the ALEKS math placement assessment. Make sure to get plenty of rest and take this assessment seriously. This assessment will allow us to properly place you in the correct ECI math preparatory class this summer. Additionally, every incoming freshman student will take the assessment before they can register for their fall math class, but you have the good fortune to work with us for six weeks to help increase your score and strengthen your math skills. At the end of the summer, you will have a chance to retake the assessment with the aim of placing you into the highest math course possible in the fall.
  • FSU students, you must take the ALEKS math placement assessment before the last week of June to be able to participate in ECI.
Question: Are there any scheduling conflicts I have to keep in mind when making my summer schedule?
  • When you are determining your summer course load, please keep in mind we have planned a number of wonderful activities to help you transition into a successful engineer. You can expect to spend a minimum of 25 hours/week in ECI activities outside of the FYEL class. This includes math preparatory class, team building activities, engineering projects, and an out-of-town trip.