Undergrad in the Lab live lecture series begins in 2020

Undergrad in the Lab logo on top of a photo of a lab technician's gloved hands

Undergraduate engineering students discover how research involvement that can catapult their academic and industry careers

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering launched a new live lecture series this month that aims to increase undergraduate engineering students’ interest and participation in hands-on laboratory research. The series, called “Undergrad in the Lab,” features research-active faculty from the college explaining the technology behind their current research and highlighting ways that engineering undergraduates from Florida A&M and Florida State universities can get involved.

The series is the brainchild of several engineering department chairs, who want to see more undergraduate students in the lab. This first-hand exposure to a professional research setting can spark an interest in students to pursue an advanced engineering degree and perhaps become engineering faculty themselves. In fact, increasing the number of undergraduates that go on to pursue these advanced degrees is a major aim of the college’s administration.

Initially, the series will be presented as a live Zoom lecture due to coronavirus physical distancing guidelines. As the pandemic situation diminishes, the series may become a live lecture on the engineering campus. Events are free and open to all, but do require advance registration at the links below. Past lectures are available on the FAMU-FSU Engineering YouTube channel.

Upcoming “Undergrad in the Lab” events:

For more information on this series, please contact Tisha Keller, Marketing & Communications Director