Nurturing new researchers

Nurturing new researchers Sastry Pamidi and Peter Cheetham
Sastry Pamidi, Ph.D. and Peter Cheetham, Ph.D.

This article was featured in the Annual Engineering Research Report (2019-2020).

At CAPS, researchers like electrical and computer engineering chair Sastry Pamidi, Ph.D. and Peter Cheetham, Ph.D. provide undergraduate students quality research and other experimental learning opportunities with hands-on activities that complement what is taught in the classroom. These opportunities allow students to evolve into professional engineers by enhancing skills in problem-solving, communication and networking, as well as being part of a team.

Pamidi initiated an intensive, high-volume undergraduate research program at CAPS that has seen great success in producing advanced degree-seeking undergraduates. Since 2016 Cheetham has mentored 16 undergraduate researchers as they have conducted research at CAPS. Seven of these students have gone on to be a co-author on international conference or journal publications.