Interest in power systems engineering

Juan Patino, electrical engineering student

Juan Patino, electrical engineering student

Juan Patino is a senior electrical engineering student from Miami. He arrived at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering through the Panama City campus after receiving his AA in electrical engineering around 2016.

While studying at FAMU-FSU, Patino acquired an interest in power systems engineering, a branch of electrical engineering that focuses on creating, transferring, distributing and utilizing electric power, as well as ancillary equipment utilized for it. Specifically, Patino is fascinated by learning about power grids and sees how vital they are to everyday life in developed countries like the United States.

After graduation, Patino sees himself working as a power-systems engineer and gaining experience in the workforce for a considerable amount of time. Once he’s proficient in his skill, he wants to take his talents outside the US to improve the power infrastructure of a third-world country.

“I want to use the opportunities given to me to help people out,” said Patino.

Many third-world countries do not have the luxury of basic necessities such as power because of limited resources. Patino sees himself using his electrical engineering degree to assist the world’s underprivileged and give them access to basic needs like running water and electricity. He came to the decision from the combination of his love of philanthropy and travel.

Many Millennials choose to use their academic experience to help improve the world. There are an array of problems in the world that require immediate care and fixing. Patino – like many in his generation – is one of the many people willing to do their part help light up the planet one country at a time.