Engineering Students Show Their “Stuff” During Engineering Senior Design Day

senior design poster session

Student teams presented their projects and prototypes for professional engineer judges on campus at the FAMU-FSU Engineering Senior Design Day 2022, the first in-person version of the event since the pandemic began. (C Hackley/FAMU-FSU Engineering)

Engineering Senior Design Day happens every year in every engineering school in the nation, and FAMU-FSU College of engineering is no exception. It is an event filled with college students in suits scurrying through the school— mostly dark, serious suits with the flair of youth, and maybe colorful sneakers or a tie. Some students carry projects in their hands; other prototypes are so large it takes an entire team to cart them into the building. The excitement is exhilarating as the hopes and dreams of students come to fruition at the event. After a series of all-virtual pandemic events, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering’s Senior Design Day 2022 was back in person and better than ever.

“Senior Design is always one of our most anticipated events of the year,” Farrukh Alvi, interim dean of the college, said. “Our engineering seniors have worked on these projects from concept to prototype or plan for the past two semesters. The capstone project is the fulfillment of what seems like a long and arduous journey in the life of an undergrad.”

Mechanical engineering teaching faculty and Senior Design instructor Shane McConomy explained, “Senior Design is where industry meets academics. It’s the point at which students get their first taste of what it’s like to be a professional.” 

Engineering students are required to do a capstone project their senior year, taking all the skills they learn to design a project and develop a prototype. Often projects are interdisciplinary, and the event gives students allows students to show all the hard work they have done in the last four or five years.

“We have projects in every class but there are known solutions at some level. However in a senior design, it’s open-ended and there is no answer in the back of the book,” McConomy said. “Students have to struggle and wrestle with content and even we as instructors do not have the solution because it is new information.”

This year there were more than 90 teams from different disciplines showcasing their work.

senior design team
Some of the members of Engineering Senior Design Team 305: Data Collection and Aggregation (Tame the Beast), who won the Best Poster Award at the 2022 FAMU-FSU College of Engineering competition. They are shown with Interim Engineering Dean Farrukh Alvi, center. (C Hackley/FAMU-FSU Engineering)



Session 1: Team 314 Reusable RF Probes
Adam Chebali, ECE, Carolina Hau Loo, ECE, Tariq Hopkins, ECE, Joshua Melcher, ECE
Shannon Kelley, BME, Brooke Bielski, BME

Session 2: Team 512 In-Space Cryogenic Propellant Storage
Anna Gillard, Liam McConell, Samantha Myer, Brandon Young

Session 3: Team 401 Right of Way Unscheduled Maintenance Analysis
David Abrante, Alejandro Astudillo, Angela Herrera, Nicole Langer

Session 4: Team 511 Improving Oscillatory Ventilation
Stefano Cassino, Drake Faris, Sakari Harris, Alani Person, Willy Santoyo

Session 5: Team 501 Landing System for Uncertain Terrain
Saralyn Jenkins, Elzbieta Krekora, Andrew Sak, Julio Velasquez

Session 6: Team 506 Microgravity Machine
Josh Davidson, Evan Lanier, Brooke Marceaux, John Sweet

Session 7: Team 119 Biosense Webster
Kelli Jones, Garrett McDaniel, Sophie Jermyn, Paige Nielsen, Jenna Radovich

Session 8: Team 120 Operation Hanger
Kalynn Rios, Bailey Clark, Mitch Plasir, Zachary Jelsma, Jenna Johnson

Session 9: Team 311 Digital Beamsteering Phased Array
Katheryn Potemken, Andre Cayson, Tiernen Pan, Christian Balos, William Snyder

Session 10: Team 113 AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition
Warrick Smart, ChE, Allison Fox, ChE, Alfredo Cepero, ChE, Tyla Seelye, ChE, John Jennings, ChE
Carlos Ray, ChE, Victoria Horton, ChE, Aubrey Malowany, ChE, Sandra Faragalla, BME, Antionne Byrd, BME

Session 11: Team 222 Conklin Street Apartments
Taylor Fant, Damaris Gonzalez, Aaliyah Harri, Mary Redenius

Session 12: Team 212 Little Pine Barren Creek Bridge Replacement
Michael Gillen, Jared Hammerle, Tyson Sanders, Matthew Spence, Jared Thompson



Team 515: Nuclear Reactor Canister for Space
McAnarney Borngesser, Brian McGough, Jaxon Stadelnikas, Braden Dukes



Team 305: Data Collection and Aggregation (Tame the Beast)
Kaden Diaz, ECE, Eliott Ford, ECE, Michael Brouillette, ECE, John Mijares, ECE, Chase Toepp, IME, Sherlanda Auguste, IME



Team 504: Smart Projectile
Jed Fazler, Noah Moffeit, Nicholas Samuda, Robert Smith
Read about the projects and see student team photos and other information on the Engineering Senior Design page.