From Mousetraps to Mechanical Engineering

Charlie Edbrooke, mechanical engineering student

Charlie Edbrooke, mechanincal engineering student

FAMU-FSU Engineering student Charlie Edbrooke is still learning about the dynamic opportunities available to him in his department. As a second-year mechanical engineering student from Miami, Edbrooke is enrolled in core classes for his major—statics and thermodynamics--and getting a better vision of the possibilities as a future engineer. As the child of an engineering alumnus through Florida State in the ‘90s, Edbrooke always knew he wanted to attend FAMU-FSU Engineering.

“I’d 100 percent say these classes have helped me choosing a major,” Edbrooke said. “My class projects make me want to go further into mechanical engineering and learn what I can do.”

Edbrooke’s interest in mechanical engineering began in elementary school. He first got a taste of the field through Odyssey of the Mind, a program for students interested in problem solving. His group was attracted to creating and designing “mousetrap” cars, vehicles that perform a multitude of tasks and use different propulsion systems.

“It really made us think and helped push us to create sketches and solve all the problems given to us,” Edbrooke explained.

After graduating, Edbrooke wants to work as an automotive engineer.