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How to Prepare for STEM Career and Internship Fair

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Jean Shortley | May 14, 2021
  1. See our Preparing for Career Fair Guide.
  2. Create a Strong Resume: Attend STEM Resume Cafe: On Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering will host employers to critique your resume and offer professional advice to help you prepare for the STEM Career & Internship fair. Note that not all employers will take your resume at the fair and that’s ok! Each company has different policies.
  3. Develop and Practice Your Elevator Pitch. Your elevator speech is your quick, personal-selling statement. This 30-second pitch should help make a good first impression. Include your name, major, and classification, as well as your interest in the organization or the position. Be sure to ask a relevant question to the recruiter.
  4. Research Employers: See Participating Employers located at this link as the event dates near. Identify which employers you want to talk to BEFORE the event by researching the organizations attending the event. To view the list of attending employers, click on the "Access the list of participating employers" link. Researching employers helps you to speak competently to representatives and plan your time effectively. At anytime you can also login to NoleNetwork to see current events and employers.
  5. Dress for Success. You’ll be making your first impression with the employers; show them your best you!
  6. Prepare for Day After Interviews – some employers may offer you an interview the next day!
  7. Clean Up Your Social Media/ Set Up a Voicemail/Create a Linked In Profile - Clean up any social media profiles and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. You may want to do a web search of your name to see what information is available to the public. Address any undesirable web content. You may also consider updating or creating a LinkedIn profile. For more information on LinkedIn, see the “Building Your LinkedIn Presence” guide at The Career Center.