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Minority STEM graduate students

Welcome to the Graduate Student Toolbox, a page intended to be filled with information to help you become the best version of the graduate student, scholar and professional that you are! Keep checking back for more resources.

The Toolbox is sponsored by ENBP-AE, an NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES project, the Florida A&M University Title III program, and SCALAR III, an NSF HBCU-UP project.


Spring 2024

Engineering Job Interview Skills and Tips

Networking and Navigating Industry Spaces

The AGGIES Process

Fall 2023

Students, get where you want to go, through grit, mindset, and leadership

How to Motivate Students, Practical Advice based on Scholarship

Spring 2023

How Can I Be an Entrepreneur?

Practical Paths to Leadership

Fall 2022

DOD SMART Scholarship Informational

Mentoring, The Key Element

Imposter Syndrome and Mental Health: Strategies...

What about Those Soft Skills?

Spring 2022

Path to Financial Success - Graduate Student Edition

Get it Write! The right mindset for graduate school

From Grad School to Work - Job hunting with your PhD

Fall 2021

Perfect STEM Posters

Ramp Up Your Slides!

Navigating Conferences with Confidence



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