Greatest Needs

FAMU-FSU Engineering students


Scholarship support can help make the difference between a good and great college education. Scholarships are disbursed through the university’s financial aid process, and goes directly to help offset the cost of tuition, can be applied towards the purchase of books, equipment, housing, and other associated university costs.

The minimum gift required to create an endowed scholarship is $25,000, which can be paid over a maximum five (5) year period.

Annual min: $1,000

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Support for graduate students are generally merit-based awards that support a student in a full-time course of study. As one of the more competitive funding sources for graduate students, fellowships are integral in both the recruitment and retention of the most competitive students nationally. Levels of Fellowship support vary

Annual min: $35,000

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Annual Funds v. Endowed Funds

Annual funds all the College to address immediate needs. Once funds are spent, there is nothing left. This is why continuous engagement is in the annual fund drives is important.

Endowed funds exist in perpetuity*. Using the interest earned on endowed funds allows for the college to plan for long-term success.

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Undergraduate Research Awards

Engaging students in research, innovation, and scholarship is the hallmark of a great engineering program. Through their participation in research and creative endeavors, undergraduate students become better thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers, cultivating a depth of understanding needed to make a positive difference in the world.

Undergraduate research awards provide funds for students to participate in hands-on learning, which is considered one of the highest levels of academic engagement. Recipients participate in showcasing their work through symposia and publications.

Annual min: $1,500

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General Funds/Non-Caps GIFTS

Both general fund and unrestricted gifts provide the dean the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise during the course of the year, and also helps to address emerging needs. The benefit of these type of gifts is that their reach is both broad and impactful.

Past support has allowed for the resources for students to attend national competitions, conferences, networking events, purchasing of lab equipment, stipends, renovations/upgrade, among many other things.

Annual min: Any

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The unique nature of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering attracts talented, caring, and innovative faculty. However, the competition for attracting and retaining such an outstanding faculty grows year after year.

Funding a named professorship can help insure that our students get the best possible education from faculty who have demonstrated excellence and are committed to remaining at the top of their field. The income from a named professorship helps the College offer competitive salaries while providing funds to support faculty research and classroom activities.