Team 209: Centrate Equalization Tank

Team 209: Centrate Equalization Tank

The Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation facility faced efficiency and load capacity problems at its waste treatment plant. We designed an equalization tank to fix it. The current storage tank at the facility reached capacity at three and a half days, with 17 million gallons. The nutrient-rich sludge that undergoes treatment at the waste facility caused a strain on the pipes within the system—the load would become too heavy at the end of a three-day cycle. To mitigate this, we designed a centrate equalization tank with a capacity of 31 million gallons and a flow system that operated for six and a half days. The goal in implementing the centrate tank is to regulate the impact of the nutrient-rich liquid on the system and increase the facility’s storage capacity to further the lifespan of the plant. The new centrate tank was designed to be located adjacent to the Centrifuge Dewatering Facility at the plant. We considered essential constraints including odor emissions, material sizing, permitting and environmental safety factors.

The project scope aimed to design a sustainable centrate equalization tank with a steady flow that transported the liquid filtrate back to the front of the water reclamation facility. Drawings were instrumental in implementing our design, mass balance and hydraulic flow calculations were completed to ensure full functionality of the tank and treatment system.

Isabella Parra, Shenika Thomas, Tonya-Kaye Waite & K’Auja Wallace

Sean Martin, P.E.

City of Tallahassee; Sondra Lee, P.E.