Team 402: Tallahassee’s Future for Bulk Waste Collection

Team 402: Tallahassee’s Future for Bulk Waste Collection

Tallahassee has a population of more than 197,000, which is increasing every year. Bulk waste is therefore increasing. Bulky waste or bulky refuse is a technical term to describe waste types that are too large to be accepted by the regular waste collection. To keep up with pick up demand, Tallahassee Public Utilities collects bulk trash every day to prevent build-up around the city. If Tallahassee’s population increase continues, current trash routes may not be able to keep up with future demand.

We looked for ways to help the city keep up with potential increased bulk waste pick-ups. Our goal was to determine if an extra route would help improve current collection methods. First, we determined if there are enough routes to keep up with current demand and if additional pickups are possible.

We measured the travel and collection time for each dump site location and created a simulation to see the current strengths and weaknesses with this data. The results reveal how much each route can service under maximum demand. Our model shows that 134 bulk trash piles can be collected in one day. Each route costs around $714,000, so minimizing the number of routes to meet demand would be financially beneficial to the city. Ultimately, a method of measurement and simulation could help improve TPUs bulk waste collection system. Other cities that use similar collection methods may find this process useful, as well.

Brian Galloway, Daniel Ramirez, Jade Rakia Sherrod & Luis Tapia

Beth Gray

City of Tallahassee