Team 401: Right of Way Unscheduled Maintenance Analysis

Team 401: Right of Way Unscheduled Maintenance Analysis

The City of Tallahassee spends more than $200,000 a year in labor costs maintaining right of ways (ROW) around the city. The ROW is the grass between the sidewalk and the road. Tallahassee does not have a law requiring private property owners to keep up their adjacent ROWs. The city performs work on these private properties ROWs as requested or when it becomes too overgrown, interfering with the road or sidewalk. To determine the total costs of these jobs, we worked closely with the city.

Total cost of ROW work includes labor, equipment, fuel and employee benefits. We focused on the labor cost for 2019-2021. There are seven types of work done: blind corners, edging, graffiti, litter, mowing, sidewalk cleaning and trimming. Mowing makes up more than half the total labor cost. We presented the city with a data application that includes custom charts and tables detailing cost information.

We investigated 10 cities in Florida that require property owners to upkeep their ROW, providing COT with examples of alternative ROW maintenance options.

After reviewing costs, the city will better understand how much is spent on ROW maintenance and can compare their costs to others. Our project allows our sponsor to determine the best course of action for the future of ROW maintenance in Tallahassee.

David Abrante, Alejandro Astudillo, Angela Herrera & Nicole Langer

Beth Gray

City of Tallahassee