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Every year, senior engineering students participate in a two-semester Senior Design course, where they apply the knowledge learned in the classroom and work with industry partners on a sponsored project. These undergraduates work in teams, often interdisciplinary to provide innovative and creative solutions for real-life projects. Senior Design is a signature engineering capstone experience for students and the experience helps them realize specific design needs by using engineering skills they have learned through curriculum.

Dean Murray Gibson joins Mechanical Engineering senior design team ESD 525 - Assistive Device for Paraplegic Scuba Divers (ME), after the team topped the Senior Design Day at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. The students are from left, Dominic Balistreri, Ebony Luster, Dean Murray Gibson, Kylie Halbert and Kevin Nicholas.



Best Overall

Assistive Device for Paraplegic Scuba Divers


Best Innovation in Design

Recycle Composite Housing


Best Poster

NewWalk: Improved Design of Mobility Devices


Best Abstract

FAMU Way Phase 3 Extension


Engineering Design Day is a showcase of innovative, creative, and multi-disciplinary projects developed by our graduating senior students.

Senior Design Sponsors

A big round of applause and thanks to our generous sponsors, who not only provide valuable monetary resources for these projects, but who also mentor and serve as important stakeholders for each of these projects. Our students learn many valuable skills from this process and these mentors, including teamwork, professional engineering principles, client and project management.

  • Alday-Howell Engineering – Travis Howell
  • Applied Superconductivity Center – Ernesto Bosque
  • Arizona State University – Cassie Bowman
  • Barkley Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Blackhawk Engineering
  • Connor Blanco & Luis Connor
  • City of Tallahassee, Reginald C. Ofuani
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation, Ernesto Garcia
  • Cummins Engine Company – Michael Hays
  • Cummins Scientific, LLC
  • Danfoss Turbocor – Mojammed Ajalal, William Bilbow, Vinayak Hegde
  • David Crombie, P.E. (HNTB)
  • David H. Melvin, Consulting Engineers
  • DRMP
  • Florida Space Grant
  • France Engineering
  • FSU Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – David Merrick
  • Florida State University Facilities Department
  • Florida State University Sustainability/Landscaping Department
  • General Motors – James Kettlewell
  • Genesis – Halff
  • Innovative Logistics – Lisa Williams
  • Jacobs Engineering – Eric Bridges, E.I., Jawara Jarrett, E.I., Jess Glenn, P.E.
  • Jeff Phipps
  • Jess Ball
  • Kever McKee Engineering
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates – Kelsey Lewis
  • Lockheed-Martin – Robert Kenny
  • MI Metals – Brook Massey, David Yanek
  • Murray & Faye Gibson
  • NASA Marshall Flight Space Center – Melissa Van Dyke, Jim Martin, Kurt Polzin, Frank Curran
  • Northrop Grumman – Tameika Hollis, Stan Zoubek, Pete Stenger
  • Registe Sliger Engineering
  • Robert Potts
  • Tallahassee Community College
  • Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
  • Texas Instruments – Hubie Payne
  • Unison Industries – Kevin Walker
  • Urban Catalyst Consultants
  • Valvoline – Jesse Dambacher
  • Yubin Xi

#Engineering Serves

The tragedy left behind by Hurricane Michael will not be forgotten in Tallahassee and the Florida panhandle. This year, we decided to start the campaign #EngineeringServes with resilience against natural disasters in mind. We want to promote the creation of projects that have a purpose, can help people--but most importantly bridge the gap between the students and the community.

Industry Partners and Sponsorship

At the beginning of each academic year, senior students rank their top project interests. Teams are then determined based on the student choices and instructor input. For consideration by students, projects for the upcoming year should be submitted by May.

We appreciate your interest in supporting FAMU-FSU Engineering senior design. Alumni, friends and corporations who sponsor senior design projects are vital to the success of our students. Whether you need some independent research and analysis or a fresh perspective, our students are up for the task.

For more information on sponsorship and project implementation, please contact Dr. Shayne McConomy at (850) 410-6624 or smcconomy@eng.famu.fsu.edu

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