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Remote Learning Information

We hope you had a good Spring Break, and have been able to stay healthy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you prepare to return to our “new normal” of remote classes, we have some helpful information to share about computing resources.

Getting Help

We will be here for you… even if “here” is not actually on campus. So, if you need help, do not hesitate to reach out!

Your first resource for anything course-related is your instructor or TA. However, if that does not get you the answers you need, you can contact Student Services, your Department, or, for technical support, College Computing Services (CCS). We are all committed to providing you with the support you need to be successful in the face of these unusual circumstances.

You can request help from CCS by entering an Incident request – go to http://ops.eng.famu.fsu.edu, log in with your Engineering ID/password, and click on Request Help.  If you do not know your Engineering credentials, you can also email CCS_Request@eng.famu.fsu.edu, being sure to provide a clear description of your question or concern, as well as contact information so we can get back to you. You can also contact us by calling (850) 410-6446; while you may not get a live answer, you can leave a message and know that we are checking those messages frequently during the work day, and we will get back to you soon.

Using Zoom

Most of you will have class sessions presented remotely using the Zoom conferencing tool.  You can use Zoom with your computer, tablet or smartphone, or even in audio-only mode from any phone.  You do not need a camera or microphone to participate, but it would be useful to have these.

In most cases, you will access Zoom sessions from within Canvas – your courses should have a Zoom link (on the left navigation column), where you will find links to the scheduled class meetings.  Expect that your class will meet online at the time it would have met face-to-face (unless you are informed otherwise by your instructor).  In addition to your regular class meeting times, instructors may schedule online office hours, or other ancillary Zoom meeting opportunities.

Zoom will also be used outside of Canvas courses for advising and other activities.  You may receive emails with invitations to Zoom meetings; just click the link in those invitations to join the meeting.

There is a simple registration process you will need to perform the first time you use Zoom.  Attached to this email is a document describing that process.  If you have any problems using Zoom, contact CCS.

Using MyFSUVLab

Hopefully, you have already used MyFSUVLab to access Engineering software remotely.  Most of our Engineering software that is available in the computer lab, is also available through VLab.  To access VLab, go to https://myfsuvlab.its.fsu.edu/ and log in with your FSU credentials.  Once logged in, just click on the application you wish to use.

(If you are a FAMU student, and you do not know your FSU credentials, CCS can help you resolve that.)

If you have any questions about VLab use, contact CCS.

Software Availability

There are a number of software applications for which licenses are available to you at no cost to you for installation on your personal computer.  CCS is collecting information on these, and how to obtain them, and will be sending out an email with additional information on Monday, March 26.

Getting Help

To repeat, we are here to support you through this.  If your instructor/TA cannot answer your questions, CCS may be able to help. Call us at (850) 410-6446, or submit an Incident request at http://ops.eng.famu.fsu.edu or CCS_Request@eng.famu.fsu.edu.

Please stay safe and healthy...We wish you all the best in your courses over the rest of the semester!

Gary Eggebraaten and the CCS Team