CBE Transition Program for non-ChE or BME Majors

Transition Program for Non-Chemical or Biomedical Engineering Majors entering the FAMU-FSU CBE Graduate Program
Dr. Sam Grant, Graduate Committee
Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Approved Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Graduate Committee of the Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering henceforth will institute an accelerated transition program for prospective graduate students who are non-Chemical or Biomedical Engineering Majors. These students would follow the prep curriculum shown below in order to formally enter the FAMU-FSU CBE graduate program.

Target Students:

  1. Applicants with non-CBE BS degrees in engineering.
  2. Applicants with Physics BS degrees.
  3. Applicants with Chemistry or Biology BS degrees having strong math skills (thru Ordinary Differential Equations [ODEs]).


    Accepted: Streamline course requirements for non-Chemical or Biomedical Engineering majors

    1. Require one online course and one accelerated transition course during the preparatory summer prior to graduate student admission:
      • ACS online course or equivalent – Beaker to Barrel: Chemical Engineering for Chemists Online Short Course. This course will be replaced in subsequent years by a departmental online course.
      • ECH 59XX (Graduate Preparatory) – Combined summer course of Mass & Energy Balances, Transport I & II and Thermodynamics for accelerated preparation for entering students. Two 3-hr 6-week courses (Summer terms B & C) will be taken during the summer before core ECH/BME coursework.
    2. Required completion of graduate section of ECH 4504 – Kinetics & Reactor Design
    Summer Semester 6 Summer Semester 6/9
    ACS online - ChE for Chemists 0 Elective or Thesis hours 3
    ECH 59XX – Prep Course (Mass & Energy Balances, Thermodynamics & Transport) – 13 week course 6 Thesis hours 3
        Thesis hours 3
    Fall Semester 12 Fall Semester 9
    ECH 5052 - Research Methods in Chemical Engineering 3 Elective 3
    ECH 5261 - Adv. Transport 3 Elective 3
    ECH 5840 - Adv. ChE Math 3 Elective 3
    ECH 4504 - Kinetics & Reactor Design 3    
    Spring Semester 9 Spring Semester 9
    ECH 5126 - Adv. Thermo. or BME Cell 3 Elective or Thesis hours 3
    Elective 3 Elective or Thesis hours 3
    Elective 3 Elective or Thesis hours 3



    1. Students having to take any mathematics through differential equations would need to complete these prior to entrance. Students needing a course in ordinary differential equations should take ECH 3301.
    2. Other graduate electives or thesis hours can be taken during the first two years if prerequisites are met.
    3. Courses prior to the first Fall Semester would be at the student's expense or supported by CBE based on available funds.
    4. The qualifying exam would follow the first Spring Semester. MS (course-based) would be awarded after 2nd Spring semester.