FSU Donor Honor Roll


The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering greatly appreciates the support of our generous donors. Due to their philanthropic support, the College continues its mission of offering excellence in engineering education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, while attracting and graduating a greater number of minorities and women in professional engineering, engineering teaching and research.

With deep gratitude, we present the donor honor roll for the 2015-2016 fiscal year as of June 30, 2016

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on these Web pages. Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions. Should you have any changes, corrections or questions, please contact Sarishni P. Patel, Director of Development, at spatel@foundation.fsu.edu or (850) 410-6570.

Individual Donors (A - L)
Itiel M. Agramonte
Francisco J. Alarcon
Lori Alcantara
Luis A. Alcantara
Ricardo Aleman
Susan Aley
Walter F. and Margaret R. Allen
Farrukh S. and Elizabeth D. Alvi
Anne C. and Scott Anderson
Sohel Anwar
Robert Archer
Dimitrios A. Arnaoutis
Mark T. and Jennifer P. Bacchus
Leah M. Bailey
Daniel P. Baker
Matthew T. Baldwin
David L. Baratz
Tanya A. and Sheldon H. Barnes
John E. Bates
Michael S. and Lisa G. Batts
Geoffrey S. Beech
James F. and Ana E. Beeler
Samantha M. Beeler
Tracy A. and Leigh A. Bensley
Charles A. Bjork
Donna E. Blanton and John C. Van Gieson
Ronald L. Book
Michael S. and Melissa N. Booth
Susan Borland
Dennis C. Boyd
Mandrita Brahmachari and Debashis Sadhukhan
Edward B. and Mary M. Brinson
Jeffrey M. and Shannon P. Brittain
Mark T. Brosche
Jon Brown
Norma J. Burman
William H. Burman
Mark V. and Robyn B. Campagna
Ryan P. Casey
Rex A. Caswell and Nancy Thornburgh
Stacy L. Chambers
Jon K. and Melanie R. Chance
Janette S. and Richard Chapman
Laterrance L. Chatman
Carlos R. Chaves
Ravindran Chella
Jianguo Chen
Zhaoni Chen
Mae O. Clemons
Janice Clemson
Chuck Cliburn
James C. Cole
Emmanuel G. Collins
Sam D. Cook and Andrea N. Martin-Cook
Barbara Y. Cooper
Geoffry E. and Gabi Cotter
Lawrence C. Cotton
Pamela D. and Richard Cratem
Andron J. Creary
Bryan R. Crosier
Jeremy R. and Martha I. Cummings
Alessandro Cuomo
Matt M. Dacus
Sandra J. and James L. Dafoe
Dustin R. Daniels
Jimmie L. Davis
Wesley A. Davis
Victor E. and Linda S. DeBrunner
Michael D. and Judith J. Devine
Jesse A. Diaz
Stephanie Diaz
Richard W. Donald
Marcy P. and Robin E. Driscoll
Ross P. Duenas
Sharnie F. Earle
Henry P. Easton
Preston H. Easton
Gary B. and Debra S. Eggebraaten
Caroline A. Ejogo-Adeshola
Muhammed H. Elimimian
Lance C. Ellerbe
Muhammad B. Enam
Michael D. and Lois D. English
Ernest Etienne
Harlan M. Faircloth
James N. Faircloth
Curtis E. and Jo Ellen Falany
William A. and Nancy N. Ferguson
Kimberly S. Ferree
Allison Fleming
Benjamin R. and Christina J. Freeman
Andrew W. and Shanin T. Frost
Garianne P. Fuentes
Julie S. Fuller
Gabrielle K. Gabrielli
Greg Garcon
Gregnel Garcon
Reynaldo A. Garnica
David G. Gastel
Samantha M. Gonzales
Juan A. Gonzalez
Armand M. and Marina F. Gosselin
Gregory G. Gower
Jennifer J. and Raymond E. Green
Jordan D. Greenawalt
Ron L. and Elaine Greenstein
Jennifer L. and Sasha B. Grek
David R. Grosby
Andres D. Gutierrez
Mohammad A. Halimah
Carrie L. and Fred Hames
Michelle Y. Hames
Rodney R. Hames
Aderiane R. Hames-Lynch
Alicia Hames-Perry
Alan S. and Amy V. Hanstein
Gregory M. and Donna L. Hardwick
Lauren D. Hauser
Thomas R. Heath
Brandon T. Henley
Priscilla Hernandez
Melanie A. Hines
Melissa A. and Patrick J. Hollis
Winston K. and Yvonne J. Howell
Chang S. Hsu
Joel A. Huff
Christopher Imparato
Lionel Israel
Jeanne D. Jackson
Joseph T. Jarkesy
Pankaj K. Jha
Tiehu Jiang
Cyril John
Ann Johnson
Trinette L. Johnson
Jack D. Kane
Nicholas S. Karay
John J. and Michelle J. Kemp
John A. and Gina Khayata
Bahadar S. Khunkhun
Jonathan E. Klepper
Charles Knight
Chase C. Knight
Doreen C. Kobelo
Robert C. and Astrid I. Krasnosky
Igor F. Kulisic
James M. and Felicia F. Lamb
Charles D. and Tammy S. Langston
Denis Z. and Constance L. Leach
Joshua M. and Elizabeth Lenzini
Reinhart A. Lerch and Kathleen M. Daly
Richard E. and Jill Levitz
Bradley M. Lewis
Michael P. and Gretchen R. Lewis
Shu Li
Danwei Liu
William P. Locher
Bruce R. Locke
Kevin P. Long
Michael S. and Lane M. Lunn
Michael J. and Christine M. Lyons
Individual Donors (M - Z)
Shaolin Mao
Aaron D. Massey
David A. Mattson
Jason D. and Paula B. Maxwell
Brian D. McCollum
Wayne T. McCormack and Margaret R. Wallace
Kristin L. McCrary
Chad D. and Allison M. McIntosh
Frank McInturff
Rochelle McKinney
Jennifer L. McKnight
Stephen A. and Laura A. McSoley
Kathleen C. McWilliams
Raveendra Meka
Martin H. Merzer
Hunter A. Metzger
Kevin J. Meyer
Daniel A. Miller
Pam Mills
Carl Moore
Bruce L. Morrison and Deborah J. Billings-Morrison
Enock T. Mtoi
Victor Muchuruza
Frank E. and Maylee Mullins
Eric D. Myers
Craig E. and Laura J. Nance
Denis C. and Jennifer T. Nash
Christy L. Nixon
Alfred U. and Margaret H. Nkunga
Ninika N. Nnaji and Keith Sterling
Georgette S. Orr
Mary L. and Joseph M. Pankowski
Sarishni P. and Sandeep D. Patel
Tushar B. Patel
Sandip R. Patil
Matthew S. Patton
Hubert J. and Melissa Payne
Erin E. and Gary M. Pendergast
Melanie V. Perez
Amanda M. Petrella
Jeffrey S. Phipps
David A. Pienta and Rachel S. Sutz-Pienta
Gibson Pierre
David M. Piterski
Rebeka R. and Kenneth S. Poland
Jose R. Portorreal
Joseph R. Potts
Mark A. Price and Kimberly L. Price
Rabei I. Rabei
Indika Ratnasekera
Juanita Raymond
Aaron C. Read
Waylon T. Register
Timothy J. Remley
Wei Ren and Yan Pan
Laura S. Ritchie
Braketta K. and Ken J. Ritzenthaler
Kimberly A. Rivers
Brett S. and Kristina Robbins
Alexander Rochell
Christian G. Rodriguez
Carolyn and Terrone Rosenberry
Jesse C. and Megan K. Ross
Michael E. and Linda S. Rountree
Lisa D. and Lawrence R. Rubin
Matthew D. Russo
Peter A. and Maria Sahwell
Alexandra N. Salerno
Richard V. Sandoval
Angel L. Santiago
Anthony G. and Susan S. Sarna
Daniel L. and Caroline H. Scheer
Jeffrey A. Scott
Roy H. Seivwright and Veronica Ferguson-Seivwright
Floyd R. and Eileen F. Self
Nathan T. Self
James D. Seymour
Charles T. Shedrick
Qunying Shen
William L. Shields
Kuang K. Shih
Rose M. Shih
Theresa A. Shirey
Charles O. and Paula T. Silcox
Basak Simal
Maybin Simfukwe
Philip D. Smilgin
Arthur D. and Linda H. Smith
Darnell and Celestine D. Smith
Jared S. Smith
Ronald J. Smith
Donna L. Smithey and Howard F. Kirk
Andrew W. Smyth
Stephen S. Sowell
Lisa K. Spainhour
Steven C. Squillacote
Colleen A. Stewart
John C. Stone
Cyrus C. and Linda A. Strickland
Richard T. and Elizabeth J. Strickland
Sharon C. Surita
Nicholas G. Suttell
Alexander C. Sutton
Kirkland F. Swanner
Mary J. Tappen
Scott R. Tarbox
Thaysun C. Tassis
Rodnert Thimote
John P. and Marilyn K. Thomas
Samuel A. and Alexandra V. Thomas
Gustavo E. Toledo
Gregory E. Triplett
Jeremy W. Truesdell
Leonard J. and Amy F. Tung
Marjorie R. Turnbull
Steven J. Uhlfelder
Darryl G. Updegrove
Madhavi Vadlamudi
Teri D. Valente
Leon L. Van Dommelen
Jessica D. Vanterpool
Kiran K. Varanasi
Paul Varghese
Rafael E. Vasquez
Andrew D. Velasquez
Sreelakshmi D. Vennelaganti
Bruno P. Vieira
Ebony A. Waller
Samantha C. and David A. Watson
Moriah E. Webb
Janine E. Welch and Larry B. Walker
Thomas F. and Patsy Wells
Cedric R. White
Richard L. Williams
Michael D. Williamson
Philip A. Witherspoon
Xinzhong L. Xu
Candace B. and Jeremy Zenon