Grievance/Complaint/Grade Appeals

The College of Engineering has developed this process to appeal a course grade or file a grievance or complaint. You may review the process under section "Student Grievance and Grade Appeal Procedure" in the Student Guide listed in the Word Cloud above. To initiate your appeal, please complete a short intent form provided below:

"Intent for Grievance/Complaint/Grade Appeals"
(This form is to be completed when initiating intent for grievance/complaint/grade appeals)

You must submit an official "Grievance/Grade Appeal form", within 30 days of expressing your intent to appeal. If not, the case will be considered closed. Grievance/Grade Appeal form is available for pick-up from the Office of Student Services (Room B111) or the Associate Dean's Office (Room B-223).

Feel free to contact the Office of Student Services at (850) 410-6361 if you have any questions or need additional information.