Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up an Engineering Account?

An account can be obtained from Communication and Multimedia Services (CMS).

  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Location: CMS is located in A332 CEB, College of Engineering Building "A", third floor.
  • Who to talk to: Ask for CMS UNIX System Administrators for assistance creating your ENG Account.
  • What to bring: When you come to CMS to request an ENG Account, you will need the following
    • Your Student ID
    • Account Verification Form (filled out and signed)
    • If you do not have a student ID, you must present other documentation confirming that you are an Engineering student or a special student allowed to enroll in engineering courses.

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Q. How do I access my Shared Drive?

Your Shared drive is your link to your network directory. Clicking on the icon, ‘My Computer’ located on the desktop, will allow you to access your Shared drive as well as the hard drive. However, you can’t save anything to the hard drive. You may only save to the Shared drive, the ‘My Documents’ folder, a 100mb zip disc drive or the floppy disc drive. It is best to save to a zip disk, also known as, ‘Removable Drive’ on the computer’s local drive. You can save any work you do on the Shared drive or in ‘My Documents’. When you save Bookmarks or Favorites in Internet Explorer, they will automatically be saved on the Shared drive. Anything stored on the Shared drive can be accessed from any computer in the lab that you log in to. You can only store 100MB total to the Shared drive at this time.

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Q. How do I access my engineering account (Shared Drive) from off-campus?

You will need to install an SFTP client on your computer. We recommend FileZilla. Go to http://filezilla­ and click the "Download FileZilla Client" link and select the Windows win32­setup.exe link. Install it with the default options and start FileZilla.
  • In the "Host" field type "".
  • In the "User Name" field, type your engineering account username.
  • In the "Password" field, type your password.
  • In the "Port" field, type "22".

You should now be able to drag and drop files between the left and right panes. Left reflects your local computer and right reflects your College of Engineering files.

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Q. What is our paper quota?

The print quota determines how many sheets of letter-size paper to which you are allowed to print. Once you have exceeded this amount no further printing can be done. Upon creation of your account, at the start of your first semester, you will be given 200 pages to get started. After that, to increase your print quota, bring one un-opened ream of laser printer paper to the CMS Front Desk in room A332 CEB. 250 pages will be added to your print quota for every 500-page ream that you provide. The other 250 sheets go to offset the expense of printer maintenance, toner cartridges and tech support to maintain lab printers and computers. For details of what kind of paper will be accepted, etc., please visit, Engineering Accounts > Print Quota

When you print a document to a printer in one of the computer labs, you will be asked by the program which printer to use. You can print to any of the lab printers in the print window printer drop-down list. Please be aware of how many sheets of paper are left in your print quota before you send a print request.

To check your print quota, go to: (You will be prompted for your eng username and password).

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Q. How do I set up wireless access?

Students go here: FSU Secure Wifi for step-by-step instructions. Click on operating system.

Guests go here: FSU Guest Access for instructions.

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Q. How do I connect from outside the building?

For Remote access via VPN

Q. How do I log into Blackboard?

A. Right now, there are two ways to access your course Blackboard web page, as a FAMU student or as a FSU student. See the directions that apply to your admission status below:

FAMU Students

First, you will need to get your Engineering ID; visit CMS (A332) if you do not yet have an Engineering ID.

Next, you will need to click on "Activate your FSUID" on the Blackboard site ( Provide your 9 digit Student ID along with your date of birth, as requested, then follow the instructions to create a username and password for Blackboard. You will need to wait at least one hour after receiving your new engineering account username and password before you will be able to activate your FSUID.

After creating your FSUID, stop by CMS in room A332 or call (850) 410-6446 and give us your engineering username and the new FSUID to complete the process. Your account will be locked after one week if this information is not provided.

FSU Students

If you have forgotten your password for you Garnet e-mail account. Or your username and password do not work, or your password works for the FSUInternet connection from home, but it does not work for your e-mail and class website. You will have to contact the FSU Technology Services Help Desk (850) 644-HELP (4357) and have them reset your password. If you are outside of Tallahassee, please send an email to:, explaining your problem. The Blackboard system gets updated every hour, so the password change is not done at the same time. It might take up to one hour for the password change to be propagated. In the meantime, you can access the content areas of most class websites through the course catalog using the guest username and password:
Userid = guest
Password = guest

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Q: The course website says that I am not enrolled in any course. Or The classes listed are not the classes I am taking this semester.

All course websites in the Blackboard environment are created by request of the instructors. This is why in the "My Courses" area on the "MY FSU" page you will only see the classes for which the instructors have requested a website. You can find out if the classes for which you registered have a website by performing a search in the course catalog available through the "Courses" tab.

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Q: I have lost access to Blackboard, how do I get it back?

Drop by CMS located in A332 and ask to speak with one of our UNIX SysAdmins for assistance. They will get your ENG account information from you and enter or re-enter you, into the authentication database file sent to FSU Technology Services Help Desk, that allows you access to This process takes 24 hours, from 3:00AM in the morning, when the database file uploads to ACNS, and their staff then adds these names to the Bb LDAP. So be sure to keep checking and let us know if you still do not have access!

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Q: I can access, but I don’t see my classes on my Bb homepage. What’s wrong?

You need to let you instructor know that you do not see his or her course webpage in your ‘My Courses’ module on your Bb homepage. Your instructor can either manually add you to the course or turn on the ‘Enroll’ button to allow you to self-enroll. Follow these steps to self-enroll:

Instructions for Instructors:

  1. Categorize your course so that it appears in the Course Catalog
    1. From the Control Panel, click on "Course Settings"
    2. Click on "Categorize Course"
    3. From the drop-down menu select your department
    4. Click the "add" button
    5. Click "Submit" and then "OK".
  2. Allow FAMU students to enroll themselves
    1. From the Control Panel, click on "Course Settings"
    2. Click on the "Enrollment Options" link
    3. Select the "Self Enrollment" option -the starting and ending dates are optional
    4. Click "Submit" and then "OK".

Instructions for Students

  1. Login to Blackboard
    1. On your Internet browser, go to
    2. Type in your Blackboard username and password and click "login". -Your Blackboard username is the same as your engineering username plus "_eng". (e.g. janedoe_eng). Your Blackboard password is the same as your engineering password.
  2. Search for your Course's Blackboard Website
    1. Click on the "Courses" tab.
    2. On the Course Catalog to the right of the screen, click on the "FAMU - FSU College of Engineering" link
    3. Click on the link of your department
    4. Search for your course website or:
      • On the search box to the left of the screen, enter your course's prefix and number. e.g. EIN4560
      • Click on "GO!"
  3. Enroll in the Course Website
    1. If your course is on the search results, click on the "enroll" button next to the course title.
    2. The next time you access Blackboard, you will be able to access your course website from your "HOME"page.

FSU Technology Services Help Desk

If your problems persist, or if you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the ODDL Online Delivery Support Group through their request assistance form.

Academic and Professional Program Services Online Delivery Support Group
FSU Technology Services Help Desk (850) 644-HELP (4357)

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Q: How do Engineering Faculty, Staff and Students get a poster printed?

Save your poster as a PDF and then email:

To: Trisha Radulovich 
Cc: Laurie Herring 
Cc: Jifeng Jia

Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice before you need your print job in-hand. It takes an average of ~15 minutes or less to print most posters, depending on ink coverage. We will email you when the poster is ready for pick-up; usually on the same day we receive it. Pickup will be from Multimedia Services in A335.

We recommend designing your poster with MS Office PowerPoint. We have starter poster templates here

We cannot print native Publisher or CAD documents. You need to save your MS Office Publisher or CAD poster as a PDF before emailing.

Multimedia Services staff will be in touch if there are technical issues preventing the printing of your file so be sure to include your correct contact information with the PDF.

Steps to Create a Poster in Microsoft PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint
>File >New Presentation
>File >Page Setup [36” x 24” recommended]
>Size - Slides sized for: From drop down menu, select ‘Custom’ and then enter the ‘Width’ and ‘Height’ of your poster, in inches, in the appropriate text boxes. Click ‘OK’ to create new document.

N.B. Because you do not have the large format printer drivers loaded on your lab or personal computer, you may see a warning box asking to let PowerPoint ‘Fix’ your document size; just click ‘OK’ to save your poster dimensions as entered.

Multimedia Services, A335 | 410-x.6594


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Q. How do Engineering Faculty and Staff get business cards printed in-house?

Start by downloading your choice of several standard College of Engineering business card templates here.   

Make any changes in name, title, location and contact information. Save your business card template to your local drive and then email:

To: Trisha Radulovich 
Cc: Laurie Herring 
Cc: Jifeng Jia

IF changes are made for you, we will send you a proof for one last look, before we print.  Upon receipt of your final approval, we will print.  Faculty receives 200 cards; Staff, 100; and Grad Students, 50. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice before you need business cards in-hand.  We deliver your cards through inter-office mail, or we can hold for pickup.

Multimedia Services, A335 | 410-x.6594


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Q: How do I setup an online survey on my website?

Make your request through the Work Queue Request form. Your WQR will be assigned to the web application developer who will contact you to discuss what you want the survey to accomplish. The more information you can give us concerning user and administrative needs will help determine how well the database design hits the target from the very beginning! Download this list of questions you can answer and bring with you to the initial consultation.

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Q: Is color printing free for Engineering Faculty, Staff and Students?

Multimedia Services (CMS) provides limited color printing services in support of College of Engineering curriculum, research, student organizations and promotional events.

Email the PDF you have made from your PowerPoint, Publisher, CAD or MS Word documents:

To: Trisha Radulovich 
Cc: Laurie Herring 
Cc: Jifeng Jia

Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice before you need your print job in-hand.  Multimedia Services staff will be in touch if there are technical issues preventing the printing of your file so be sure to include your correct contact information with the PDF document to be printed.

We cannot print native Publisher or CAD documents.You need to save your MS Office Publisher or CAD poster as a PDF before emailing.

We will print ONLY pages that need to be in color from student reports: i.e. that have detailed color data that would be hard to see in gray scale (not just a line in color, etc.).  Pull out those pages with color and send as a single PDF.

Representatives from engineering student professional organizations should stop by CMS each semester for print media quotas.

Multimedia Services, A335 | 410-x.6594

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Q: How do I reinstall my computer?

Submit a CMS WorkQueue

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Q: How do I set up card swipe access to enter the building after hours?

FAMU and FSU students should have access automatically via their student ID card (RattlerCard or FSUCard). If access does not work, you will need to visit Student Services to initiate a request to provide access.

FAMU and FSU faculty and staff will need to visit Student Services to initiate a request to provide access via their ID card.

When visiting Student Services, please bring your ID card. Please note that these requests may take up to four (4) business days to be fulfilled (although one business day is typical).

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Q. How do I forward my email (JES webmail) to another email address?

Visit FSU's Help Desk on setting up email forwarding in webmail.

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Q. How do I email large attachments?

Use the mailing list system. Click here for more information.

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Q: How to reserve College Conference Room A329?

This room is scheduled based on availability please make reservation by contacting CMS.

CMS Contact(s):

  • Call the Help Desk, 410-6446, to make a reservation for this conference room. This room also has video conferencing capability. Ask for technical assistance when you make your reservation. This room seats 16 around the conference table. There is some additional seating along the wall.

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