Engineering Accounts

You must have an Engineering Account to use any public-access computers.

You can log in to College of Engineering computers with your Engineering username and password (Engineering account). Note, you cannot login to Engineering computers with your FAMU or FSU account credentials.

Please do not give your password to anyone. You may not share your account with anyone. Failure to abide by this guideline is cause for deletion of your account.

Please observe proper etiquette while using your account. Do not use the computing resources for activities unrelated to your Engineering course work. In addition, do not bring food or drink to the computer labs. Any violations will result in your account being locked and activities reported to their department/dean.

Password Changes

If you want to change your Engineering password, the come to Communication & Multimedia Services Department. It is located on the third floor in the A building, room 332.


Monitoring Quotas

  • Disk Quota - Faculty and Staff will have 1GB of storage and Students have a disk quota of 400MB of storage on our primary file server system. This storage -- the UNIX "home directory" or Windows "My Documents" -- is for general use.

  • Email Quota - Seperate Email quotas are not enforced, as the email folder, called Maildir, resides in the user's home directory.