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Customer Response Center (Help Desk)

  • Room: A332
  • Phone: (850) 410-6446
  • Fax: (850) 410-6484

  • CMS 24-hour info. line: (850) 410-6CMS (6267)

CMS Administration

Gary Eggebraaten
Director, Communication and Multimedia Services

Bridgett King
Office Manager

Customer Response Center (Help Desk)

Nashwan Al-Humiari
Customer Response Center Lead Desktop Support Technician

Tamara Verheyen
Customer Response Center and Blackboard Support

Network, Server, and Telecommunication

Bryan Polk
Technical Services Manager, Network & System Administrator

Shawn Moore
Server Support (UNIX)

Lee Nawrocki
Distance Learning Support Technician

Multimedia Services

Laurie Herring
Art Director, and Print Design Specialist

Jifeng Jia
Print Design Specialist

Trisha Radulovich
Photography, Print and Video Design Specialist

JD Adams
Web Designer

  • Room: A332L
  • Phone: (850) 410-6602 | Email JD Adams
  • Fax: (850) 410-6484