Wired Access

CMS provides wired access to our Ethernet network. Wherever possible, this access is provided by activating an existing wall jack (RJ-45) to provide a connection to our managed switch infrastructure. Please note that not every wall jack is the same -- the configuration of different switch ports is different, and a device that works on one jack may not work on another.

At times, due to a lack of wall-jack connections in a particular room, we do need to utilize small unmanaged switches and hubs in the room to deliver additional connections. This is not the preferred approach. You must contact CMS before adding any new switches or hubs to the network.

To utilize the wired Ethernet network, an IP address must be assigned by CMS for the specific computer (or other device) to be connected.


These addresses are assigned in specific ways, and use of an address not assigned to your device may lead to duplicate addresses, strange network problems and poor performance.

To request an IP address, or for any network questions or problems, submit a CMS WorkQueue.