Computing Services

Technology in the Classroom

The College's classrooms are equipped for multimedia instructional delivery, including an instructor's computer, document camera, VCR, and other tools.

A number of computer lab classrooms are available.

Several classrooms with full distance-learning capability support the Florida Engineering Education delivery System (FEEDS), which delivers courses live or recorded to other locations, including the Florida State University branch campus in Panama City, Florida.

These distance-learning classes are avaiable to students via the internet for review. The College is also equipped to support other multi-point video-conferencing needs.

Public Access Computers

The College of Engineering operates several computer labs/clasrooms for the benefit of our students, faculty and staff.

Only Engineering Students, Faculty and Staff may use the lab computers here at the college. You will need an Engineering account to access these computers

For more information on our computer labs, including locations, available software, availability and rules, click here.

CMS Help Desk, A332
Hours: Mon -Fri, 8 AM - 5 PM
(850) 410-6446

Network Access Accounts

You must have an Engineering Account to log in to any of the machines in the College's computer labs or lab classrooms, atrium computers, or to use the College's remotw access dial-up phone lines to access your network directory.

An account can be obtained from Communications and Multimedia Services (CMS).

When you come to CMS to request an ENG Account, you will need the following.

  • Your valid University ID
  • Account Verification Form (filled out and signed) (for students)

This form is available at the CMS Customer Response Center (A332)