Communication & Multimedia Services - Virtual Help Desk

The CMS Response Center is our Service Desk/Help Desk and is our first-level support group. This unit handles most end-user computer support, from our computer labs and classrooms to faculty and staff desktops. This unit also supports distance learning and video conferencing, and coordinates the College's participation in the Florida Engineering Education Delivery System (FEEDS).

Computing Technical Services maintains our server infrastructure, which provides electronic mail, web, file and print services; and our data and telephone network. This unit also works on projects and special problems, and provides advanced support for end-user issues.

Multimedia Services provides design and production services for web and print, including video and still photography; and web applications, from simple forms to complete systems.

The Networking Academy serves the larger community by offering training programs that address the need for more and better-trained Information Technology workers. Through partnerships with major manufacturers, we provide training that prepares students for industry certifications... and for better careers. Participants in our training range from high school seniors to senior IT practitioners.